Hi. I am Grace (G), a senior human-centered designer and an instructor in tech. I have dedicated more than a decade to design products and experiences that spark joy and make people more productive in real-life scenarios. Worked with Tech giants e.g. Google (Workspace, Game), Amazon (Key), and Startups. I create useful design solutions on emerging technologies and I truly believe design has the power to make a significant impact on the performance of your company and make the world a better place. In my spare time, I enjoy making technologies more accessible for everyone by teaching. 
A product thinking mindset had delighted my everyday life and made me radiate joy. Some details of my works are confidential on the website, however, I enjoy grabbing a virtual coffee and share more with you. 
More coming soon
More coming soon
Design and animations
3D Design
"Grace's zest for life is evident in all she does. Her exceptional spirit carries over into the workplace and provides a positive and effective dynamic towards any project. Her attention to detail coupled with her knack for finding and quickly fixing problems before they arise is second to none. Grace excels in team environments. Her uncanny ability to encourage, support, and communicate with others, always led to a successful team project." -- Brian Westphal, Lead Joy Inc. Director of new business development 
"Grace has excellent communication skills, a positive outlook, and a pleasing personality that will enhance her leadership qualities. She not only demonstrated initiative, intelligence, and creativity but also in her ability to function as a team player that makes the company grow. "-- Thy Dang, Xerion - UIUC Research Park, CTO.
"I had the pleasure of working with Grace during our time at Gap.com. Grace is an enthusiastic, hardworking, friendly, and energetic team member. She works well in fast-paced environments." -- Emilio Cordova, Gap Inc.
Amazon, Alibaba, Alphabet (Google), Ebay, Gap Inc, Import.io, Language Pacifica, and Stanford University.

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