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Arts & Crafts

Sneak peeks

Drawing on my ArtBook 

I studied artworks of some of the famous artists who deeply influenced the world of arts in history. I made parody, and did some paintings by applying their styles.

I also studied some contemporary artists like 

Hayao Miyazaki, the animator who created My Neighbor Totoro and Spirited Away 

Philippe Faraut, an American sculptor who made sculptures come to life by developing the most minute details that transformed a piece from basic portrait study to a universal commentary on the human spirit.

I hosted an art exhibition with other young artists in Beijing, China, 2012. 

Stop Motion Animation

Print Making

Find inspiration from your photos or 

resrouces online. 

Carve the areas you want to be white with your carving knife kit.

Blend some color you like on a glass surface. Use a roller to smooth the color, then press and roll on the carving block.

Put a piece of paper on the carving block. Add a rubber pad on top. It makes the paper stay tight with the block.  Adjust to a suitable height and apply pressure, so that the block can go through the etching press roller. Roll the whole block to the other side of the roller for a "test print".  

Carve the block again to make small adjustments on image details. Try to play with different colors and layers.   I used yellow and pink to create a sweet and sugary feeling. 

Etching press

Finished !

Making Easter eggs

Woodwork: Plant a postcard

Sculpture: Katherine

Just a Second was the very first stop motion animation I've made for an independent project in my film class. I am pretty sure my next animation project will be even better since I got a much nicer camera and some California Sunshine in my studio :)

Leonardo da Vinci (Renaissance Humanist)

Claude Monet (Impressionism)

Vincent van Gogh (Post-Impressionism)

Pablo Picasso (Cubism)

Paul Klee (Expressionism, Surrealism)

Marc Chagall (Modernist)

Draw on a piece of tracing paper with a pencil. Trace your drawing on a carving block with a layer of carbon paper under the tracing paper.

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