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Grace's Secret Recipe

Building up my design experience is like making a cake

Prep time

4 years Bachelor of Science in Advertising 

4 years working in sales and design industry

23 Years of life time practices



1. Mix 10 drops of passion and 10 drops of commitment

2. Bake the first Grace cake layer 4 years at the first and one of the top advertising departments Oven in the U.S. with all the Business and Design skills

3. Icing with a layer of strong self-starter spirit, follow by more specific menus on Google AdWords Study Guide, and coursera writen by exellent business leaders and educators

4. Bake another layer in startup incubators

5. Top with sugar sparkles of workshops in Google (Chicago & San Francisco), Facebook (N.Y. & Menlo Park), General Assembly (San Fransisco), Linkedin, and etc. 

6. Yield a fresh and active advertising professional

7. Next step: to be continued, with you ...

Personal Skills

• 10 drops of Passion - 

California Sunshine Favored

• 10 drops of commitment

Business Skills

• 1 cup of strong advertising and sales practices

• 6 cups of Google Adword

• 1 cups of Facebook Insight

Design Skills

• 2 cups of Design Thinking powder

• 1 cup of 40% Adobe Creative suite

• 20 kg of workshop sparklers

• A Thick chocolate layer of strong self-starter spirit

• 2 tbsp of Marketing Research

• 1 cup of design practices at Stanford university and Silicon Valley firms

Benefits of working with Grace

Simplify your projects with long-lasting sweet personality aroma

Lifetime commitment of high quality work 

Positive vibe in your office 8 hours a day

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