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This is one of the advertising creative projects I did when studying Content Creation at the Advertising Department at UIUC (it is the first advertising department in the nation : ). As a strategist and an art director, I collaborated with two other girls, established a mini Ad agency called 3 waves, spent long days and nights working on this project to attract more traveling traffic in Hawaii. We were so happy to get the highest grade in the class at the end! This project had helped me become a better conceptual thinker and designer (I grew so much in Photoshop proficiency within a few weeks), a strategist who understand consumer insights and the client's heart, a project manager who can supervise a campaign creation well from concept to launch, and a warrior who has no fear of future challenges!

Web Design

Aloha, You Belong!

More coming soon...
Creative Strategy
Graphic Design
Thumbnails etc. 
Peter Sheldon
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