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Illini Student Film Festival


Inspiration is sitting next to you: the person sitting right next to you can be the next Oscar winner! Our campaign reminded students that a small film festival could be a big source of inspiration. 


In order to make a great impression and keep the consistency of our brand identification, I designed an agency logo for our project reports, client reports and advertising plan book.


Customer Journey Map

Customer journey map works the same as a userflow chart in User Experience Design. It is a user-centered or costumer-centered map which helps users see how advertising changes people's mind and behavior step by step. Since our final campaign goal is to make people attend the film festival, we have designed different ways to reach them according to their level of brand awareness. Most people would probably first see the brand through an email they receive from College of Media Dean, which would lead them to subscribe to the event's Facebook page. The Facebook would remind users about the event since we would upload event teasers according to a planned timeline. Later, a customer might pass by a poster on their way to a creative class or on the school bus. They might even receive a beautiful hand bill at a school front desk or from a media and art class teacher, or see the event press release on a school newspaper they picked up. All the advertisements keep the same theme: "get inspired at Illinifest". The more advertisements the target audience sees, the more likely they will go to the event.
P.S. We will control the frequency of the ad, and the ad content when posting on Facebook to keep the audiences entertained and never forget about going to the event.


I shot photographs and designed posters based on the campaign ideation. I made sure that everything fit IlliniFest's requirements. 
Camera: Canon 70D
Software: Adobe Photoshop CC
IlliniFest is a student organization that aims at showcasing the talents of student filmmakers. Illinifest organizes an annual film festival that accepts submissions from students at the University of Illinois, as well as other schools throughout the Midwest. As a student-organized event, it needed to increase participation, while competing with The Roger Ebert Film Fest, TEDx UIUC, and final exams which all happened around the same time.
With four other classmates from a senior capstone class, we formed an advertising agency, Core98, to help advocate for IlliniFest. I was responsible for supervising the whole campaign process from research to execution. As an art director and a creative strategist, I worked closely with the project manager, researcher, account executive, copywriter and other strategists.
I pitched the advertising plan with other presenters to the final client meeting competing with 7 other agencies. At the end, we won the best ticket design. 

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Final Advertising Plan Pitch

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