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Web Page Design

Goal: Design and build a website from concept to launch within 2 weeks. The website serves both Chinese and English audiences.
Client Profile: Little Park Child Development Center is a daycare facility located at the Embassy Area of Beijing, China. It was founded in November of 2016.
Outcome: I finished this 36 pages website within 5 days. I am honored that this website simplified lives of parents, children and daycare teachers life to help kids (our future) grow in a loving and caring environment. 
The primary audience of the websites are parents who have children of age 0 to 3. The secondary audience of the website are children of these parents who might look at the daycare photo updates with their parents online. I used a very bright and colorful color theme: light yellow, baby blue, light pink and white. These are triadic colors on the color wheel (p.s. color theory) which serve to grab parents and children's attention. At the same time, these colors emit a feeling of positivity, love and gentleness. I wanted parents to sense trust when looking at this website and decide to send their kids to this daycare.
By the way, the Chinese translation of this daycare means "Embraced and Accepted". I hope my design will make every child feel like a little angel (and the teachers and their parents bigger guardian angels). No matter who they are, where they come from, they will be fully welcomed and embraced in this Little Park

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