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Sweet Dream: Print Making

Find inspiration from your photos or 

resrouces online. 

Blend some color you like on a glass surface. Use a roller to smooth the color, then press and roll on the carving block.

Draw on a piece of tracing paper with a pencil. Trace your drawing on a carving block with a layer of carbon paper under the tracing paper.

Carve the areas you want to be white with your carving knife kit.

Put a piece of paper on the carving block. Add a rubber pad on top. It makes the paper stay tight with the block.  Adjust to a suitable height and apply pressure, so that the block can go through the etching press roller. Roll the whole block to the other side of the roller for a "test print".  

Etching press

Carve the block again to make small adjustments on image details. Try to play with different colors and layers.   I used yellow and pink to create a sweet and sugary feeling. 

Finished !

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