Who is Grace?

What does Grace do?

My goal

The most enjoyable thing in the world for me is to design an experience which makes users more productive, happy, and able to accomplish their goals. This is who I am: a UX/Visual designer :) !

Grace's Design Process

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What applications and tools do I use?

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How I get inspired

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as a designer

2. Read

to learn sth. new

3. Create 

for fun (life)

4. Cultivate

more interests

Curiosity is the best teacher. I'm always curious about always learning new things and meeting new people. Understanding people from new perspectives excites me, and helps me create better designs.

Design for commercial use

Design to persuade, to change an audience's mind and behavior. To increase the awareness and to build up your brand trust through delivery a consistent message and tone every time your audience sees you.

*Slides from to Shachar Meron