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Life of Grace

Grace has a big heart for people and places. She is dedicated to bringing joy and making a great impact in the world.

Fun Facts:

1. My last name Xiong means Bear. I am a proud California bear. 

2. I have a dog named: Baby polar bear. Woof!

3. I recently won the title of Miss Congeniality voted by 100 contestants representing the City of Palo Alto on the stage of Miss California USA 2022. I support making technology accessible to everyone!


3. I help kids in crisis (e.g. the current war) through my platform by donating to UNICEF: United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund. I started my platform as a former youth representative at the United Nations starting from high school.

4. I started designing on computers at a young age by playing and making video games. I won my first computer design-related award at age 9 using a PC. 

5. I love people and places. I had studied and traveled to 7 different countries in Asia, Europe, Africa, and America.

6. I am an extrovert. I speak English, Mandarin, and Korean. I've been learning Spanish and German on Duolingo and dream about traveling to Europe again! 

7. I had made short films in the entertainment industry and featured a clip on Apple TV.

8. My favorite workout is dancing. Fun fact: I was a young dancer at the 2018 Beijing Olympics.

9. I am a content creator on Instagram and Youtube. 

10. I am currently working towards a degree in MBA. 

Favorite Design Apps

icon figma vector.png
Adobe Illustrator
 Adobe Photoshop
 Adobe XD
After Effect
Premiere pro
Screen Shot 2021-10-29 at 10.26.09 AM.png



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Grace's Design Process

Design thinking is a positive circle of making crafting a product until it becomes a masterpiece!

UX Foundation 101

Grace is a part-time instructor and a mentor at DevX Development school.

Her students range from K12 to Adults groups. 

My goal

The most enjoyable thing in the world for me is to design an experience which makes users more productive, happy, and able to accomplish their goals. This is who I am: a UX/Visual designer :) !


Design to persuade, to change an audience's mind and behavior. To increase the awareness and to build up your brand trust through delivery a consistent message and tone every time your audience sees you.

*Slides from to Shachar Meron

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