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Why being so serious?

Creative concept:

Snapchat Filter

Snapple shower fridge

Snapple + Snapchat = Snap out of it!

Interaction Design

I made this icon animation by using Flinto. This is a recipe app that helps people making summer drinks with Snapple.

Graphic Design

Graphic design posters that grabs people's attention and increase the awareness of Snapple as a brand.
As an art director and a designer for Snapple, I was selected to work on the brand as one of the top 3% of applicants to represent my college department at The National Student Advertising Competition (NSAC). Over a year, I helped with research and strategies, came up with creative ideas, designed the campaigns, and presented the works with our Student Ad Agency at the competition. The competition is sponsored by Snapple, and it is hosted by American Advertising Federation (AAF). 

More projects

You will see screens on the fridge like this at the supermarkets.
Open the fridge and grab your Snapple! (The Please wait for
this animation to load)
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