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Designers just make things look pretty

Just tap a button in the middle of the screen, and your Uber driver comes to where you are. Pressing iPhone's home button differently, you can activate many features like scanning fingerprint, authenticating Apply Pay, opening the camera app, checking notifications, and switching between different apps. Just check the calendar on Airbnb, and all the reservation details (price, availability, etc) show up... I am fascinated with how designs can change the way people think and help them adopt a new habit. If you are ready to go on this journey of digital design thinking, please read the following materials with me. If you have any questions, just drop me a message in contact.

My Design Process

Grace's Reading

These are the books I have recently read. They are proven to be helpful for design. I hope that they will help you become a conceptual thinker who can bring product ideas to life in novel and inspiring ways, as they had helped me quite significantly.
Disruptive Innovation is the new Punk Rock. 

UX Design Training

I've completed a whole series of training on, as well as some design thinking and product design classes in college. I also took a few other graphic design classes on Coursera. 

Design Thinking Resources

Introducing to "Designing Your Life"
By Bill Burnett, executive director of 
Insititution of Design at Stanford
"Designing Your Life" Workshop | Talks at Google
By Dave Evans, Silicon Valley business man and educator
How to build your design confidence I Ted Talk
By David M. Kelley, founder of IDEO
How to work in a creative team?
Solving the shopping cart problem by IDEO
The first secret of great design I Ted Talk
By Tony Fadell, former SVP of the iPod division at Apple
The Beauty of Data Visualization I Ted Talk
By David McCandless, data journalist and information designer

Fav. Quotes

"Creativity is intelligence having fun."

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