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To help those with Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), memory lose and other Cognitive problems connect better to those around them, I designed this social media app with We2Link team. This app can simplify any users' social life into one app in border ways.


  • Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Medication, aging, Nutritional Deficiency, ADHD (Attention deficit) and even lack of sleep are the causes of long-term or short-term memory loss.  
  • 1 in 8 U.S. Households has Someone With Memory Problems
  • 43% adults aged 45 and older who have experienced increasing memory loss or confusion reported that these problems have interfered with their daily life
*  Both studies above were conducted by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention published March 5 in the journal Preventing Chronic Disease.
I interviewed 5 users who are the targeted users and created personas. 


Michael is a support operations officer at US Army who lives in Washington D.C. Although he is currently suffering from Traumatic brain injury that he got in the Army, he depend in contact with his family, co-workers and doctors to recover his memory and stay productive on a daily bases.
Quotes of Frustration: 
"A lot of times, I met someone but I almost immediately forget his name, and where I met him."
"I need to be constantly reminded of where I met someone and what conversations we had before. 
People who had memory lost due of various causes
Jane is a former vice president of a large tech company in silicon valley who lives in Palo Alto. She is now retired because of stroke with a partial memory lost. She is now hosting an honorary position in the company and she founded Jane's American fight stroke foundations to help more people who are in need. 
Quotes on Frustration: 
"I hope to have an app that reminds me which circle, e.g. family friends, work, school or organization that I had met someone. "
"I want to use different personas in different circles to separate my private life circle with work life circle in one app. 
Steve is the retired CEO of a medical device company in Michigan. He recently moved to his extended family in the suburb of new york city after the death of his spouse. He enjoys going for a walk in a nearby park and walking his Dog. Since he just moved, he depend on cell phone to talk with his former employees and friends from Michigan, and get in touch with new people he met in new york. 
Quotes on Frustration: 
"Since I recently moved from Michigan to new york city suburb, I still get lost in the park sometimes and I had to ask strangers to call my family or take me back home. "
"My family has a history of Morbus Alzheimer, I am feeling a gradually memory lost and I had to ask people to speak the same sentence repeatedly to understand and remember what they had said." 


Created a social media app that unifies users contact from the most popular social media apps like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and etc. 
People would be able to use different persona or identity (like different photos, name, profile, blogs) while talking with people who user's categorized in different circle.
The app automatically record the time, location and even converstaion (with users' approvals) when the app users meet in person by using GPS, bluetooth and technologies of wearable devices. 
Geo-Safety fence and tractor help located users to their approved family members and prevent users from getting lost. 


To Application use: Balsamiq

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