Hello! Facebook Blueprint

My name is Grace. I want to be your production assistant

This is my understanding of this project

Welcome to talk with me or correct me to match up with your specific goals
Creative Brief
Client: Blueprint, Facebook's global training and certification program
Goal: Make users easy to learn how to advertise on Facebook
Duration: 3 months
Tools: Adobe Photoshop/illustrator/InDesign/Premiere pro (video making), HMTL, Powerpoint
Audience: Small-Medium business owners, Media buyers and planners, digital marketers and advertisers
Tone: Fun, Engaging, Cheering
Message: Connecting your brand with the right customers at the right time with a smart budget on Facebook
Current visuals: Stock Photos of people
Biggest Competitor: Google Academy for Ads (Google AdWords)

Visuals Ideas

Meet Micky, a online advertiser who is new to Facebook Ads. She has a positive outlook and she never afraid of asking questions. She believes "Curiosity is the best teacher. "
Current (Before)
My Design (After)

More coming soon...