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Hello! Facebook Blueprint

My name is Grace. I want to be your production assistant

This is my understanding of this project

Welcome to talk with me or correct me to match up with your specific goals
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Creative Brief
Client: Blueprint, Facebook's global training and certification program
Goal: Make users easy to learn how to advertise on Facebook
Duration: 3 months
Tools: Adobe Photoshop/illustrator/InDesign/Premiere pro (video making), HMTL, Powerpoint
Audience: Small-Medium business owners, Media buyers and planners, digital marketers and advertisers
Tone: Fun, Engaging, Cheering
Message: Connecting your brand with the right customers at the right time with a smart budget on Facebook
Current visuals: Stock Photos of people
Biggest Competitor: Google Academy for Ads (Google AdWords)

Visuals Ideas

Meet Micky, a online advertiser who is new to Facebook Ads. She has a positive outlook and she never afraid of asking questions. She believes "Curiosity is the best teacher. "
Current (Before)
My Design (After)

More coming soon...

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