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My name is Grace. I am currently a designer onsite at Google!Due to NDA, I can not share the details of my work here. But I am happy to chat with you briefly of what I've been working on.
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What I've been working on

My Role
  • Building a component library on component library with Material Design Standard

  • Work with cross-functional partners (engineering, product management, marketing, design) 

  • Create assets for different devices, tablet, mobile, and web

  • Worked on G-Suit Chatbot experience

undraw_android_jr64 (1).png
  • Worked on presentations, interactive event materials, internal websites and newsletters

  • Created and organize production assets

My Skills

  • Expert in Google Slides, Sketch, and Figma

  • Master in typography, layout, and design

  • An advocate of Google Material design

  • Take direction quickly

  • Work well in a fast-past environment

  • Communicate effectively

  • Prototype accurately with an understanding of front-end development



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