Key by Amazon is a delivery service that gives secure access to customer's garage, home, and car trunk to help prevent packages from being stolen. I worked as a visual designer for smart home and garage delivery launches. My design includes product landing and detail pages, How-to guide, In-App experiences, Prime-day and other holiday promotional materials such as banner, emails, and social media posts. 

Product landing page redesign

I concept and restructured the product landing page which drives higher conversion rate. I presented conceptual design ideas, and decisions to the team before the product launch on a daily basis.  
x Top banner doesn't look clickable
x Hard to find CTA 
x Informations are too crowded
x Hard to find features and benefits of the service
Click to see it in full-screen on inVision
✓ Top banner is clickable 
✓ Informations are organized
✓ Easy to find features and benefits of the service
✓ Easy to find features and benefits of the service
Click to see it in full-screen on InVision

More visual design works

Over the 9 months working at Amazon, I designed 100+ banners for Amazon for our product launch which fits the Amazon styleguide and design systems. 
Situation: Increase customers awareness of the brand
Task: Reward first time Key Delivery service users
Action: Create banners place on landing pages on desktop, mobile and in-app experience.
Result: Increased 5% click-through rate of the banner


Internal Award Badge Design (For fun)

Designed an Internal Amazon Award Icon for employees who participate in volunteering with Second Harvest Food Bank. 
Amazon Mascot: Peccy

In-App experience project is coming soon.

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