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To gain the "superpower" of storytelling 



Pop music and visuals inspire me to create!


Some movies and TV shows that inspired and motivated me to produce better work.
The imitation game tells the amazing and inspiring life story of Alan Turing who is widely considered to be the father of theoretical computer science and artificial intelligence.
Not only did I learn an important chapter of the computer history, I was also challenged to work hard and to pursue excellency at work.
An astonishing story of how a king overcame his fear of public speaking. This film encourages me to be calm and brave wherever I go, whoever I see. 
Zootopia! Sometimes, I use humor to solve real life problems.
If you ever ask me which film character I would be if I can freely choose, I will tell you Sherlock Holmes with no doubt! The fact is that I studied in the U.K. for two months, and I later fell in love with BBC's new Sherlock Holmes TV series. By the way, the new season is coming soon on Jan. 1st. 2017! I am sooooo excited!!!
Go watch or rewatch the whole Harry Potter movie series, visit The Wizarding World of Harry Potter in L.A. or Florida, buy a wand at the park and activate all the magic tricks. It's so worthy to more than once because YOLO!~
*Why we should keep learning something new
*How to make
friends and cherish
their existence
*What it is like to be an innovator who changed the world


These are some books I recently read. They are proven to be helpful for design. I hope that they will help you become a conceptual thinker who can bring product ideas to life in novel and inspiring ways, as they had helped me quite significantly.
Music never fails to inspire my creativity. Every time I play music, my imagination is activated. Images and dramas flow out of my mind. They bring me to dance in Carnival Of Roses in the 1947 Italy, fly to Castle in the Sky with no fear of The Thunder, taste Tequila in a Mexican festival, run on the African savanna with The Lion King, and so on. Those were the songs I played with flute in my school wind orchestra.
We performed overseas in Japan, Tunisia and China. We also played at the 2008 Beijing Olympic concert, Christmas concert at Forbidden City Concert Hall, during a Canadian school visit, at the school opening day ceremonies and summer camps, and etc. We as a group won the second prize in a city-wide competition in Beijing. Flute is such a wonderful solo instrument. Any classical melody that brings on beautiful scenes would inspire my creativity for design.
Later on, I picked up Ukulele while visiting Hawaii because I wanted to be able to sing the melody (whereas with a flute I could only "sing with my belly"). Sometimes, I play piano to entertain kids. All in all, just like music from Joe Hisaishi helped Hayao Miyazaki create world famous masterpieces, music had opened up my mind for endless possibilities in the world of design. 
Maleficent. The visual setting and effect of the film had amazed me to create better work like this. 
*How to be a relationship builder
*Take-home messages I've learned


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