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Name: Snow Meets Coffee - Cafe
Role and Goal: I lead the team of 5 people using Google Search AdWords aims at increase overall awareness of the brand and focus on building brand equity
Keyword Focus:
  • Target local white collars with more budget on keyword "coffee" during the hours they commute to work, and target them with "food cup" related keywords during lunch and dinner time.
  • Target college students with exclusive food related keywords like "snow shaved ice-cream" during the hours they are outside of classroom (11-1p.m. / 5p.m.-9:00p.m. ) and on weekends.

Campaign Plans Book Sample

Predicted Outcome: Increase the Google Search clicks from 0 to 48-58 per day and increase keywords impressions from 0 -12,500-15,300 daily. (Predicted by Google AdWords)

What I can do for your brand?

Improve your online contents with user research and user-centered design
Target the right customer more effectively at the right place and the right time
Lower your cost with Free impression Ads
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