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Hello Prism Ink

My name is Grace

This is how I can help you as a

Graphic Designer / Market Coordinator 

Print & Digital Design

4 years experiences in design

and branding

Design and deploys marketing support materials including, but not limited to: brochures, flyers, promotional materials and product information​


Maintain company websites and keep it updated regularly with the most up-to-date information.


Manage all company social platforms


Attention to detail * Knowledge of print design principles, including developing objective, projecting, and managing under a budget


Strong computer skills - InDesign, Adobe Premier Pro or Apple iMovie, website HTML design and maintenance


2 years experiences in video 

production and edition. 

Create methods of marketing and advertisement of the brand for the web, marketing videos, trade shows, events, and overall product education.

Market Analytics

Understanding traditional

marketing principles and

digital marketing strategies.

Conduct Market Research

Provide analysis and reports on all facets of company's marketing

Assist you with online business


I am an effective communicator

I am excited to meet new people

I am able to speak multiple languages

Increase customer knowledge by including additional information about our products and educating the consumer of our products and the differences that set our brand apart from the rest.

Create professional presentations with PowerPoint and Keynote

Thank you ! :)

Let's keep in touch

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