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An online resume editing and publishing tool.
My roles: Visual & UX Design
Project date: Sep. 2016 - Sep. 2017
Method: Prototype, User testing, and etc. 


We're proud to make CakeResume the #1 resume editing tool on 
Product Hunt 2017.
As a visual and a user experience 
designer, I redesigned and launched the app and the splash page collaborating with 3 other designers and developers.
My most noteworthy contributions were creating the visual experience which helped increase the website conversion rate by redesigning the home page. 

Make your Resume a Piece of Cake

CakeResume helps job seekers to create a unique resume in minutes
Are you constantly updating your resume to meet different job descriptionsWhen I was job hunting, I found it was overwhelming and time-consuming to use the current web tools for resume editing. Luckily, I met CakeResume's founder/software engineer Trantor who had the same problem.
We decided to work together create and enhance a web-based resume editing tool so that others like us could create, edit, update, download, and share resumes as easy as possible.

Product comparison:



Solutions that satisfies user need
Outgoing computer science Student at Stanford looking for a summer internship
User Need: "As the last quarter of my school year goes by super fast, I need to finish making a resume as quickly as possible before final exams week starts. "
Immediately download a well-designed resume or share online. 
Account Manager aspiring to be a UX designer
User Need: "Editing resume on a Microsoft Word sometimes frustrates me since I need a stylish designer resume. I want to just drag and drop text boxes and images into my resume."
Simply drag and drop.
Save time and efforts. 
Stay home mom looking to start a new career
User Need: "I need a polished online resume... I used Linkedin, but all the profiles are mostly white and blue, I hope to have more color options for my resume."
Professionally designed resume templates
make your resume stand out from the crowd. 

Studies of Sign in

In order to create a contrast between buttons and drive more users to register.
I redesigned the buttons from                                                to

Home Page Redesign

Conversion rate increased 10% after the redesign
The buttons' color and the "Call to action" are not so
consistent throughout the page
Made "Call to action" buttons 
easier to find and more clickable
Highlighted features
and benefits that
drives people using
the product
Added quotes from
current users. This
helps to build up a brand trust. 
Highlighted "Register" which drives people to sign up

More projects

Business goal
Increase the conversion rate of the original website (percentage of visitors becoming registrants) by 5% after the redesign. Result: We raised 10% in conversion rate (a.k.a. Number of people who signed in over people who view the website). 
User Information
Primary target users: 18-34 years old Global users. Psychographic: Tech savvy, love trying new apps and websites.

Current users: 50% - 18 - 24 years old. 30% 25 - 34 years old. 40%, students. 

Competitors: Visual CV, Linkedin.


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