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Maxboost is a leading designer and manufacturer of mobile accessories. When Maxboost was planning to add iPhone battery cases to their main product lines, I designed the following "In Bloom" case for iPhone 5/S as part of a company design competition. It was chosen by 147 consumers on a company Facebook post within 7 days. As a result, it was mass produced and sold online on the company website. It was sold out within a few weeks after the launch.


Click the arrows to see consumer interactions and feedbacks of my design
This is my advertising designs during the world cup (Soccer) seasons and holidays


As a designer with a strong background in branding and advertising, I worked with a team to come up with branding strategies, managed and run daily social media campaigns for 3 brands in a fast-pace and deadline driven environment.
Our team helped fully stabilize and systematically grow our social media presence by over 400%.

Chief Marketing Officer's Approval

*Maxboost is a brand under uNu Electronics


Besides designing product and online campaign, I worked closely with the marketing team to brainstorm the new creative campaigns. I was responsible to determine suitable theme (colors and images) and come up with the copy (headlines, taglines, and etc.), then delivered them to designers, engineers, customer service representatives, and etc. so they can make the concepts come alive!
Click to see these brands' social Media Platforms I've managed
As a social media marketing and design intern, I was responsible for creating, analyzing, copy-editing, proofreading, and revising online commercials. I also designed a phone case that was chosen by consumers to mass-produce and sell online
Product Design
Branding and Advertising
Customer Feedbacks
Social Media Marketing


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