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Goal: Support a team of 5+ designers through the creative process among 4 markets
Duration: 8 months
1. Ensure creative assets are prepared, optimized, sliced and delivered on time
2. Design the production of seasonal promos with established look and feel
3. Act as a technical liaison between the design team, production and web development
4. Update functional/transactional site and email creative assets on a seasonal basis
5. Execute pre-designed contingency promos and managing the delivery of all promotions after the creative hand-off
Tools: Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator/InDesign and etc. 
This picture belongs to Gap Inc. 
Audience: Men and women “ranging from seventeen to twenty-five years old” in the middle or upper class. A consumer who is the older simple yet elegant, modern shopper looking for moderately priced but good-quality clothing and accessories.
 Tone:  Fun, Engaging, Simple
Current Message: "Meet me in the Gap" Bridging the gap and connect people
Current visuals: Chic Autumn clothing, Back to school visuals
Competitors:  Uniqlo, H&M, J Crew and etc. 

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This picture belongs to Gap Inc. 

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